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Connecting with your patients… made easy.

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social media for doctors
Connect many of your social media platforms to one easy to view dashboard where you can post and respond to posts from your patients quickly and effectively, saving you hours of staff time


reviews for doctors
Engage with your patients more effectively with fun ideas for contests, posts to all social media at once, scheduled posts for later in the week or month, newsfeeds that give you ideas for posts, and much more


social media for orthodontists
Analyze your website and social media statistics and determine what motivates your patients. Monitor your online reputation, view reviews and posts about your practice right from the dashboard.


increase facebook likes for doctors
Build your reputation online with our Reputation Stimulator. Easily ask for reviews right from your website. This system gives you all of the control to manage your reputation online.

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Improve Your Online Presence

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Post to all of your important social media, monitor your reputation & solicit new reviews in one easy to use dashboard.

Your reputation is your most valuable asset. New reviews are being posted about your office on a daily basis, it’s crucial that the right messages about your practice are being heard. Additionally, connecting with your patients through social media has become a necessity. The average practice has at least 4 social applications to post content to on a daily basis. Many practices spend hours of staff time updating these sites. Now you can update your social status and add to your reputation with PracticeRetriever. Sign up today