Here are some ideas for October posting to your social media  this month

These are broken up into a number of categories for you to choose.


How many teeth do dolphins have?

What is the hardest tissue in your entire body? Enamel covering crown of your teeth

Who was the first woman to get a dental degree in the US?  Lucy Hobbs, from Ohio college of Dental surgery in 1866.

Who invented dental pliers? Ancient Greeks

What were bristles of toothbrush originally made of? cow hairs


This is a cool poll website for toothfairy engagement:)

Favorite fall sport

Favorite fall recipe

Who will win the world series


Fun Facts

Dolphins use their teeth to grasp only, not to chew, as dolphins’ jaws have no muscles.

Each year, the 20th of September is an official holiday in China; this day is called “Love your teeth day”.

In Germany, at Middle Ages, kissing a donkey was the only treatment for painful teeth.

You can actually produce more than ten thousand gallons of saliva during your entire life.

You consume about 26 calories of your total body calories in one minute kiss.

Sharks have three rows of sharp teeth in both of their jaws; actually, a shark can change almost forty sets of teeth in its entire life.

Most people prefer to use blue toothbrushes than the red ones!

Unlike humans, when a crocodile loses a tooth, another one grows to replace the old one. Really, it is a natural born killer.

Your toothbrush contains approximately about 2.500 bristles grouped in forty tufts

Dental caries is the most commonly occurring chronic disease among children

The first commercial dental floss was made in the year of 1882


October 1, 1920- Walter Matthau, actor

October 1, 1924- Jimmy Carter, 39th U.S. President (1977-1981)

October 1, 1924- William Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

October 1, 1927- Tom Bosley, actor

October 1, 1928- George Peppard, actor, the leader in TV series “A-Team”

October 1, 1935- Julie Andrews, actress, singer, “Mary Poppins” and “The Sound of Music”

October 1, 1950- Randy Quaid, actor, “cousin “Eddy” in “Vacation” movies

October 1, 1963- Mark McGwire, MLB baseball slugger, home run record holder

October 2, 1890- Groucho Marx, comedian, “Marx Brothers”

October 2, 1895- Bud Abbott, comedian, comedy team “Abbott & Costello”

October 2, 1951- Gordon Sumner, musician, songwriter “Sting”

October 2, 1970- Kelly Ripa, actress, “Regis and Kelly” and TV series “Hope & Faith”

October 3, 1902 -Harvey Kurtzman, created “Mad” magazine

October 3, 1941- Chubby Checker, singer, musician

October 3, 1959- Jack Wagner, actor

October 4, 1946 -Susan Sarandon, actress

October 4, 1976- Alicia Silverstone, actress

October 5, 1882- Robert Hutchings Goddard, father of the Space Age

October 5, 1902- Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s

October 5, 1975- Kate Winslet, actress, “Rose” in movie “Titanic”

October 6, 1846- George Westinghouse, engineer, inventor, developed AC electric power

October 7, 1931- Desmond Tutu, archbishop, won Nobel Peace Prize

October 7, 1951- John Mellencamp, singer

October 7, 1059- Simon Cowell, judge on “American Idol”

October 7, 1966- Toni Braxton, singer

October 8, 1943- Chevy Chase, actor, comedian, SNL, “Vacation” movies

October 8, 1949 -Sigourney Weaver, actress, “Ellen Ripley” in movie “Alien”

October 8, 1956- Stephanie Zimbalist, actress, starred in “Remington Steele”

October 8, 1970- Matt Damon, actor

October 9, 1940- John Lennon, singer, songwriter, musician, member of the “Beatles”

October 9, 1953- Sharon Osbourne, actress, wife of Ozzie Osbourne

October 9, 1955- Scott Bakula, actor, TV series “Quantum Leap” and “Star Trek- Enterprise”

October 9, 1981- Zacary Ty Bryan, actor, “Brad” on TV series “Home Improvement”

October 10, 1969- Brett Favre, NRL Green Bay Packers quarterback

October 10, 1974- Dale Earnhardt Jr, auto racer

October 11, 1884- Eleanor Roosevelt, first lady, wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt

October 11, 1948- Daryl Hall, musician, singer

October 12, 1935- Luciano Pavarotti, opera singer

October 12, 1947- Chris Wallace, TV news correspondent

October 12, 1950- Susan Anton, actress, singer

October 12, 1970- Kirk Cameron, actor

October12, 1975- Marion Jones, Olympic track star

October 13, 1941- Paul Simon, singer, songwriter, “Simon & Garfunkel”

October 13, 1959- Marie Osmond, actress, singer ,Brother-Sister duo “Donny & Marie”

October 13, 1962- Jerry Rice, NFL San Francisco 49ers wide receiver

October 13, 1969- Nancy Kerrigan, Olympic figure skater

October 13, 1980- Ashanti, singer, songwriter

October 14, 1644- William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania

October 14, 1890- Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th U.S. President (1953-1961)

October 14, 1894- E. E. Cummings, poet

October 14, 1927- Roger Moore, actor , played “James Bond”

October 14, 1939- Ralph Lauren, fashion designer

October 14, 1979- Usher, Rap singer

October 15, 1943- Penny Marshall, actress, director

October 15, 1959- Emeril Lagasse, TV chef

October 16, 1758- Noah Webster – compiled first American English dictionary

October 16, 1854- Oscar Wilde, poet, playwright

October 16, 1925- Angela Lansbury, actress, “Murder, She Wrote”

October 16, 1975- Kellie Martin, actress

October 17, 1972- Eminem, Rap singer

October 18, 1939- Mike Ditka, NFL Chicago Bears head coach

October 18, 1960- Jean-Claude Von Damme, actor

October 19, 1945- John Lithgow, actor , comedian

October 19, 1962- Evander Holyfield, champion heavyweight boxer

October 20, 1931- Mickey Mantle, MLB baseball slugger

October 20, 1972- Snoop Dogg, Rap singer

October 21, 1833- Alfred Nobel, chemist, engineer, established Nobel Prizes

October 22, 1963- Brian Boitano, Olympic champion figure skater

October 23, 1925- Johnny Carson, Talk show host, “The Tonight Show”. Tv Talk Show Host Day

October 23, 1940- Pelé, soccer player

October 23, 1942- Michael Crichton, novelist, wrote “Jurrasic Park”

October 23, 1959- “Weird Al” Yankovic, singer, comedian

October 23, 1962- Doug Flutie, CFL and NFL quarterback

October 26, 1947- Jaclyn Smith, actress, K-Mart fashion line, TV series “Charlie’s Angels”

October 26, 1947- Hillary Rodham Clinton, first lady, NY Senator

October 26, 1947- Pat Sajak, TV game-show host , “Wheel of Fortune”

October 26, 1962- Dylan McDermott, actor

October 26, 1963- Natalie Merchant, singer

October 27, 1858- Theodore Roosevelt, 26th  U. S President, Quote: “Walk softly and carry a big stick” (1901-1909)

October 28, 1914- Jonas Salk, physician, developed polio vaccine

October 28, 1949- Bruce Jenner, Olympic decathlon champion

October 28, 1955- Bill Gates, Microsoft executive, multi-multi billionaire

October 28, 1967- Julia Roberts, actress, “Pretty Woman”, “My Best Friends’ Wedding”, many more

October 29, 1947- Richard Dreyfuss, oscar winning actor, movies include “Jaws” and “Goodbye Girl”

October 29, 1948 Kate Jackson, actress , TV series “Charlie’s Angels”

October 29, 1971- Winona Ryder, actress, “movie “Girl, Interrupted”

October 30, 1735- John Adams, 2d U.S. President (1797-1801)

October 30, 1945- Henry Winkler, actor

October 31, 1795 John Keats, poet

October 31, 1860- Juliette Gordon Low, founder of Girl Scouts of America

October 31, 1967- Vanilla Ice, singer, actor