So what should I post of Facebook is a common question. Here are some ideas that might help.

Post A good quote. People love quotes. A good quote can inspire people, it definitely get a lot of likes and retweets and in many cases gets people to take action in their lives. We really like the site  The quotes are broken down into categories, so you can  browse the categories daily. Postling quotes is fine once n a while, but we wouldn’t recommend you do this everyday.

Ask a question. Posting articles about dental or orthodontic new and tips can be fun for you, it’s pretty boring for your readers. Try asking a question which invites your fans t participate in your page. Not only will you be surprised at the response, you will engage your fans in interesting conversations.  Try to ask questions about your community or things going on in the world right now. You can ask about sporting events or community events. Try to stay away from politics and religion as you don’t want to offend anyone.  Ask questions that relate to the season such as : Dr Smith is looking forward to spending time with his family at the amusement park, what is your favorite place to visit  in the summer?

Post updates about your staff or doctor If all else fails, share a tidbit about what your staff or doctors are doing. Going to conferences together, having a day of community giving, running a 5k or having a baby are great events in the life of a practice.  People love to hear success stories and updates about the people that they know, so sharing some exciting news about your practice is a great idea for a Facebook post.

Success Stories We love adding success stories to our clients facebook pages. When you have a patient who has done something special, been awarded something specific or is in the paper for a win or performance, copy the link and feature them on your page. Or scan the newspaper article and put the picture right there.