Practice Reputation Management

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Managing Your Practice Reputation

Managing your online reputation is as important if not more so than managing your offline reputation. If you have ever received a bad review you know how damaging reviews can be. We know you work hard to provide your patients with the best care possible, but sometimes things happen that affect the perception of patients.

Monitoring reviews for your practice

With Practice Retriever we can monitor your reviews from around the web, so you will know when a new review is posted about you, making it easier for you to respond to both positive and negative situations.

Monitoring competitors reviews and online presence

Ever wonder who has posted a review about you? Want to see new reviews as they come in, or even spy on your competitors? Now you can! In a matter of minutes you can set up the practice retriever reputation manager to retrieve all of the reviews from around the web about your practice.

Beyond management of your practice reputation

One of the best ways to determine the level of patient dissatisfaction or satisfaction is through patient surveys. We offer a few ways to help you improve your reputation including a Practice Reputation Builder program.

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