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Going beyond the basics of your practice’s social media

PracticeRetriever offers so much more than just a way to post to your social media. We offer ways to connect your social media to the rest of your practice life from website design to email marketing. We make it easy for you to connect with patients 24/7.

Getting started takes less than 60 seconds.

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Custom Facebook Tabs

PracticeRetriever develops custom Facebook fan pages for professionals with targeted content and design that integrates into your current facebook page.  If you’ve dreamed of having a fan page to rival some of the top sites in the US, we develop that for you.
With a custom designed page from Practice Retriever,   you can expand your branding into every aspect of your page. Show that you care about your “fans” by allowing them to engage with the social media aspects of your practice. Post contests, allow your patients to make appointments, integrate twitter, pinterest and instagram right on your page.

Facebook Advertising

Advertising on FaceBook can be an enticing and exciting way to get your practice name out there, but if you don’t do it right you can lose money and reputation. We offer you a way to advertise your practice in an effective, credible way.

We help you to:

  • Choose the best audience to give you the best ROI,
  • Design your ads, Place the ads
  • Monitor the budget for any adjustments needed.

Facebook Contests

Creating the most effective contests for your practice can raise awareness, increase likes and drive patients to your practice. At PracticeRetriever we have created contests for thousands of practices nationwide. We create contests that truly affect your practice and increase the awareness of what you do with current and prospective patients.

Mobile Apps

Your website must have a mobile compatible page. We offer a way to quickly, easily design a custom mobile site for your practice which will easily allow patients to call you or find your office within seconds.

Professional Blogging

A blog is one of the most effective tools to increase your SEO and draw with perspective patients. Your blog should be original and informative, funny and locally relevant. The most important thing that you can do to update your internet presence is have an up to date blog. We offer a professional blogging service that does the blogging for you. Our blogger will touch base with your practice twice a month to determine the best topics for your blog. They will then write and post your blog for you on your website.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which a site is crafted to help the search engines like google, yahoo and bing find you online. We have been optimizing websites for healthcare practices for over 15 years. While no one can guarantee placement on the front page, we work tirelessly to get your site found online. We  provide a thorough audit of your existing website to assess the current weaknesses and strengths from a search engine perspective. Every audit is performed with a holistic approach that includes search behavior, social networking, search engine “signals” for credibility and content, mobile usage and focus on meeting site requirements.
 Once the audit is complete we will discuss the areas of improvement needed and design a plan to bring your site to the top.

Social Media Management

Social media is the lifeblood of many practice interactions online. We will provide brand based designs for Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. These designs are limited to allowable design elements within each social media. We provide managmemt for all of your social media including updates to facebook, google plus, pinterest and twitter, regularly posted youtube videos, and assistance with your instagram page.

Website Design

Website design should be based on the needs and desires of your patient base. Its not a billboard or a brochure, but an active tool to entice patients to call your practice. We  design based on your practice needs, desires and philosophy as well as your target area. We use empirical data that shows how patients react to each page and based on that data we create a site that works for your patients and your practices. The sites are designed primarily with women in mind as 96% of healthcare decisions are made by women. Obviously we want you to be happy with the design as well and your brand, philosophy and mission are paramount to every site we create. All sites are designed using a content management system which will allow you or your staff to make changes to the pages as needed. In addition, we are available to make changes as needed. All sites include social media, appropriate images, custom content and corporate videos. In addition, we include a free mobile website.