Website Design

Website design should be based on the needs and desires of your patient base. Its not a billboard or a brochure, but an active tool to entice patients to call your practice. We  design based on your practice needs, desires and philosophy as well as your target area. We use empirical data that shows how patients react to each page and based on that data we create a site that works for your patients and your practices. The sites are designed primarily with women in mind as 96% of healthcare decisions are made by women. Obviously we want you to be happy with the design as well and your brand, philosophy and mission are paramount to every site we create. All sites are designed using a content management system which will allow you or your staff to make changes to the pages as needed. In addition, we are available to make changes as needed. All sites include social media, appropriate images, custom content and corporate videos. In addition, we include a free mobile website.

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